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My name is Ryan Witschger (Pronounced Wits-Gurr). I have worked as a Senior Systems Administrator for many years now and have been blessed to work for companies on the Fortune 500 list as well as in the defense industry. I was quick to see the potential in PowerShell and adopt it for day to day use in my various job roles and has since learned a lot of various techniques. I am now looking to start sharing some of my various practices with the masses.

If you choose to follow this blog you should get some good tips and tricks to help you pave the road to becomming a PowerShell guru.

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  1. Very nicely laid out site my friend =) kudos!! Keep it going !! You know the saying; “Greatest way to learn is to teach”

    If I may also add for others to read; I”ve been fortunate enough to work with many IT industry leaders; Ranging from NASA Regional service centers, Department of Defense Regional service centers, to NSA Computer Forensic examination teams/ Red Teams, etc. With that said, I”ve personally had the honor of working directly with Mr Wits-Gurr (aka RYAN), to which i will say is one of the most technically sound engineers that I”ve had the pleasure to work with in quiet some time. So keep the tips and tricks coming!! God knows I need to let go of VBS!!!!

    Oh and he has a Dr. Scripto Bobble Head!!! Dont bother, he wont sell it, and Script Guys are out of them (at the moment) 🙁

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